Tribal Connections

Please join us for the fourth Annual Tribal Connections event on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. 

Tribal Connections is an interactive, educational half-day conference. Breakout sessions are focused on providing tribal leaders and early childhood professionals that work with or support tribal communities in Arizona with key information about research in tribal communities, early literacy and child care.

The opening keynote speaker at Tribal Connections 2022 is Dr. Teresa Brockie.  Dr. Brockie is an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing with a Joint Appointment in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center for American Indian Health.  She uses her lived experience, A’aniiih culture, and stories passed down from her mother and grandmother to inform her research with Indigenous communities experiencing generations of health disparities. 

In her keynote presentation on “Reclaiming a Healing Culture,” Dr. Brockie will discuss Little Holy One, a research project focused on supporting young Indigenous families through lessons on healing intergenerational trauma and enhancing Indigenous practices. We hope you’ll be able to attend this evidence-based and culturally informed presentation.

You can register for Tribal Connections 2022 as a single event or as a complementary event with the FTF Virtual Summit. Tribal Connections 2022 is a free event.

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