Lanna Flood Memorial Address Speaker

An award-winning artist, musician and writer, Sharon Day also serves as executive director and one of the founders of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force. As the 2021 Lanna Flood Memorial Address speaker, Day will present her talk, “Promoting the Well-being of Young Children and Families through Food Sovereignty.” She’ll share how indigenous food sovereignty provides a restorative framework for health and community development and reconciling past social and environmental injustices in an approach that people of all cultures can relate to. Day will give current information about this movement, how it is being revived and practiced in tribal communities and how it is supporting the youngest children.

More About Day

Day has performed at Illusion Theater, The American History Theater, Pangea World Theater, Spiderwoman Theater and for performances at the Ordway, the Guthrie and others.  Her writings have been published in journals and anthologies. Aa an environmental activist, she has led more than 20 Water Walks since 2011, to offer prayers for these rivers. These rivers include the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Ohio and the James River in Virginia.

Acknowledgements for her work include the Resourceful Woman Award, the Gisela Knopka Award, BIHA’s Women of Color Award, The National Native American AIDS Prevention Resource Center’s Red Ribbon Award, the Alston Bannerman Sabbatical Award.  The Governor of the State of Minnesota, and the mayors of both St. Paul and Minneapolis named November 10, 1998 after her: Sharon M. Day, Day.  She is one of the Spirit Aligned Leadership Fellows.