Date, Time, & Location

Q: What are the dates and times of the First Things First Early Childhood Summit 2019?
A: The Summit will start on Monday, August 26 at 8:30 a.m. and conclude on Tuesday, August 27 at 2 p.m. Registration will open at 7 a.m. on both days.

Q: What is the location of the First Things First Early Childhood Summit 2019?
A: The 2019 Summit will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center at 100 N. Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004. Please click here for a map to the Phoenix Convention Center.


Q: How do I register for the Summit?
A: Please register online at summit.firstthingsfirst.org/registration using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. You should receive an email confirmation within moments of completing your registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email for your registration within 12 hours of registering, please contact dryder@veerconsulting.com for assistance.

FTF Board members, Regional Council members and staff should not register via the website. Instead, you will be contacted by FTF in June and be registered via FTF's internal registration process.

FTF grantees and community partners should register through the Summit website.

Q: May I register by telephone?
Yes. Please contact Dave Ryder at Veer Consulting, 602-568-6277 to register by phone. Due to the nature of the registration system, each person will be registered individually, even if you are registering for a group. This allows us to provide unique confirmation of registration for each person. Please have your credit card available at the time of telephone registration.

Q: What is the cost to register for the 2019 Summit?
A: Early registration for the Summit is available from May 13 - July 21, 2019 at the rate of $199.00 per person. Standard registration for the Summit is available July 22 - August 18, 2019 at the rate of $235.00 per person. Late / On-Site registration for the Summit is available August 19 – August 27, 2019 at the rate of $270.00 per person. 

Q: What is included in registration for the First Things First Early Childhood Summit 2019?
A: Registration for the Full Summit includes full access to the Summit seminars and general sessions on Monday and Tuesday, August 26 – 27, 2019; the "Set for Life" Luncheon on Tuesday, August 27, 2019; and conference materials. 

All conference package rates include complimentary vouchers for specific parking garages at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for the First Things First Early Childhood Summit 2019 registration?
A: Cancellation requests must be received by August 6, 2019 to receive a full refund. Cancellations after that date will not be refunded; however substitutions will be accepted for colleagues or associates from your organization. All cancellations and/or substitution requests must be submitted in writing to  dryder@veerconsulting.com. Cancellation payments that qualify will be processed via the same payment method used to register.

Q: How do I change my 2019 Summit registration or update my information?
A: Please contact Dave Ryder, Veer Consulting, at 602-568-6277 or dryder@veerconsulting.com. You will also receive an updated registration confirmation email.

Q: Who is eligible for the special Presenter registration rate?
A: The $100.00 discounted rate is extended only to the designated Lead Presenter of each presentation selected by First Things First. Each additional presenter must register for the Summit at the prevailing rate at the time of registration (i.e. Early Registration, Regular Registration or Late Registration). This Presenter rate includes the Summit (Monday and Tuesday sessions) only. 

Q: Can I use a purchase order or send a check to pay for community partners (single or multiple registrations) for the 2019 Summit?
A: Yes. Community partners can register at summit.firstthingsfirst.org/registration/ and choose "purchase order" or "check" as the method of payment. Once you have registered everyone in your party, please contact Dave Ryder at Veer Consulting, 602-568-6277 or dryder@veerconsulting.com for assistance. You will receive an invoice and W-9 form for processing. Payment for the 2019 Summit must be received before August 6, 2019 to confirm registrations. Registrations unpaid as of August 6, 2019 will be cancelled unless specific arrangements have been made. Otherwise, you may choose to pay by credit card on line and receive an immediate confirmation and credit card receipt through the system.

Q: Under what category of registration should FTF grantees register for the 2019 Summit?
A: There is no unique category for grantees. All grantees should register via the website summit.firstthingsfirst.org/registration/.

Q: Are hotel accommodations included in the registration fees for the Summit?
A: No. Those in need of hotel accommodations may visit https://summit.firstthingsfirst.org/venue and see information about the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, the conference hotel located immediately across the street from the Phoenix Convention Center. Please reference "First Things First Summit August 25-27, 2019" in order to obtain the preferred negotiated accommodations rate when reserving your accommodations. A major credit card will be required to guarantee the reservation. This rate is subject to availability at the time of reservation. Please complete all hotel room reservations by August 1, 2019. First Things First and its conference management team cannot guarantee availability of sleeping rooms or related services at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix Hotel. Early reservations will ensure the greatest possibility of securing these special rates.  If you are a First Things First Staff, Council, or Board Member, you will be contacted independently regarding eligibility for accommodations.


Q: Is parking at the Phoenix Convention Center included in my registration fees?
A: Yes. Each person who registers will receive a parking voucher for each day with the Summit materials. Upon entry into the Phoenix Convention Center parking garage, you will take the parking ticket and retain it. Upon departure, a Phoenix Convention Center garage staff member will collect your parking ticket and your parking voucher and let you leave without collecting any money. If you lose your parking voucher or park in a parking garage other than those specified for the First Things First Early Childhood Summit, you will be charged the full parking rate for the day.

Q: Which parking lot should I use at the Phoenix Convention Center?
A: You should choose any of these four garages: the North Parking Garage (475 East Monroe Street); the East Parking Garage (601 East Washington); the Heritage Parking Garage (123 North Fifth Street); or the West Parking Garage (185 North Second Street). These are the only parking garages that will accept the First Things First Early Childhood Summit parking vouchers. Parking in any other parking structure will require you to pay the full daily parking rate that prevails at the time of the Summit. To see a parking structure map, please visit  http://phoenixconventioncenter.com/parking and click on the colored balloons. Look for "North,” "East," “West,” and “Heritage”. Please note that the North parking garage fills up early. Know where the other PCC garages are located!

Q: Where should I park if I am attending the Summit while staying at Hyatt Regency Phoenix?
A: You should park in the parking structure associated with the Hyatt Regency Phoenix (aka Regency Garage – southwest corner of 2nd Street and Adams) as the hotel is offering a discounted parking rate for those staying overnight. The Hyatt Regency Phoenix is within a 1 block walking distance so we strongly encourage you to leave your vehicle in the hotel parking structure and walk over to the Phoenix Convention Center. The discounted parking rates will be provided to you upon check in and will be billed to your hotel room automatically. If you are a Regional Council Member, your accommodations and self-parking in the Regency Garage will be paid by First Things First. You will not be charged individually for these services. The front desk of the Hyatt Regency Phoenix will be aware of your status when you arrive. For all others, be sure to indicate to the desk agent if you do not have a vehicle to park so you are not charged automatically for the parking fees on your hotel bill. Again, we strongly recommend that you leave your car in the hotel’s parking garage while you attend the Summit. The garage is very popular with overnight guests and you may lose your parking space if you drive to the Phoenix Convention Center that is within walking distance.

Due to the popularity of the Hyatt Regency Phoenix and other events that take place in downtown Phoenix, we are unable to guarantee available parking spaces in the Regency Garage. Other guests of the hotel will be using this garage so early arrival and leaving your car in the garage while you attend the Summit will ensure your best chances for obtaining a parking space. Other parking garages in the vicinity are not affiliated with the Hyatt Regency Phoenix and prevailing rates for parking in these garages will be your responsibility. There is no overnight parking allowed at the Phoenix Convention Center so please do not park in these garages during your overnight stay at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. If the Regency Garage is completely full as indicated by their signage, you will need to find alternative parking arrangements in the area and those parking charges will be your responsibility.

If you choose the Valet Parking option at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, self-parking discounts will not apply. Be sure you confirm the Valet Parking upon arrival before choosing this option.

We also advocate carpooling, early arrivals, and light-rail services to increase the probability of acceptable parking options in downtown Phoenix.


Q: What meals or food service can I expect during the Summit?
A: We have included a "Set for Life" lunch on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. There will be breaks in Summit programming with ample time provided for participants to arrange for their own meals at other times. The Phoenix Convention Center will have some food concession services available in the Metro Marche, a centrally-located food court found within the North Building where all Summit meetings will take place. In addition, there are dozens of full-service restaurants, bistro services and fast food locations available within walking distance of the Phoenix Convention Center.

Q: Can the Summit accommodate specific dietary requests?
A: Yes, to a degree. During the registration process, you may select a vegetarian option for the "Set for Life" lunch on Tuesday, August 27. Please indicate your request on the registration form in the appropriate comment section which is clearly marked for this purpose at summit.firstthingsfirst.org/registration/. The Chefs at the Phoenix Convention Center have become accustomed to creating banquets featuring gluten-free meals; therefore, the majority of their meals are gluten-free. Other dietary requests are gladly accepted, but due to the limitations of the conference facilities, we may be unable to accommodate these requests. We appreciate your understanding. 

FTF Regional Council Members, Board and Staff

Q: Is there a cost for my Summit registration if I am a First Things First Board Member, Staff Member or Regional Partnership Council Member? 
A: No. All conference-related expenses for Board Members, Staff Members, and Regional Partnership Council Members are covered by First Things First in most cases. These members will be contacted directly by First Things First staff to confirm participation. These internal registrations will begin May 13, 2019 and will conclude July 31, 2019. Those who live a minimum of 50 miles away from the Summit location may be eligible to request mileage reimbursement for travel between their home or duty post and the Phoenix Convention Center.

Q: Are hotel accommodations included for First Things First Board Members, Staff Members or Regional Partnership Council Members?
A: Yes, in most cases. Please contact your First Things First representative for assistance if you are unsure. Rooms are reserved for those traveling more than 50 miles from their home or duty post to attend the Summit. Board Members, Regional Partnership Council Members and FTF Staff Members who qualify for sleeping accommodations should not reserve accommodations via the Summit website or contact the hotel. Your information will be collected by First Things First beginning in May 13, 2019; FTF will then book hotel accommodations and provide you with a confirmation number via email before on or about July 22, 2019. Hotel accommodations will be reserved by First Things First according to your chosen arrival and departure dates.

Hotel Rooms

Q: Is parking included in the cost of sleeping accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix?
A: No, parking is not included in the cost of accommodations for those not affiliated with First Things First as a Regional Council Member or staff, but significant discounts are available for Summit attendees who are staying at the conference hotel. Please visit summit.firstthingsfirst.org/venue for specific pricing. Restrictions regarding parking garages or lots will apply. Please read the information carefully. The front desk agents at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix will know your status when you arrive based on the name on your reservation.

Q: What is the cancellation policy at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix?

A: Cancellations of hotel reservations are typically available with no penalty 48-72 hours prior to arrival. Within 48 hours, you may cancel but may be charged one night's accommodations. Please contact the hotel directly with questions or concerns: summit.firstthingsfirst.org/venue.

Additional Questions

Q: Can the Summit accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities?
A: Any special needs pertaining to mobility impairment or other physical limitations for conference events or related activities may be included in the same comment section on the registration page of the website. The Phoenix Convention Center is operated by the City of Phoenix and is ADA compliant with ample elevators, ramps, numerous handicapped parking spaces near the buildings and elevators, and other venue accommodations. As an example, a person with hearing impairment may request a reasonable accommodation such as hearing amplification equipment available at the Phoenix Convention Center by contacting Dave Ryder, Veer Consulting (Conference Management) 602-568-6277 or dryder@veerconsulting.com. Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange the accommodation. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance equipment is available for rent through local organizations. Arrangements must be made ahead of time for these services; some organizations will deliver this equipment to your residence, the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, or the Phoenix Convention Center. Any cost associated with rented equipment is borne by the user; therefore, we encourage evaluation of various organizations before making a decision. You can find options by searching an internet browser under the term "Wheelchair and scooter rental Phoenix AZ."

Q: Who may I contact if the information I need is not available on the Summit website or among these Frequently Asked Questions?
A: Please contact Dave Ryder, Veer Consulting, at 602-568-6277 or dryder@veerconsulting.com