2014 Summit Breakout Sessions Library

Below are slide presentations from many of the 2014 Summit breakout sessions. Click on a title to review.

1. What's up with Empower PLUS

2. It Takes a Village to Prevent Tooth Decay

3. Advancing Children's Vision Health through Technology-Based Vision Screenings and Data Management

5. Quality First Assessment - A Dynamic and Evolving Process

7. Family Support Literacy - Arizona's Framework to Put Young Children on the Pathway to Success

9. Working More Effectively with Tribes

13. Using Regional Evaluation Studies to Inform Data-Driven Decision Making and Regional System Building

17. Teledentistry - Assisted, Affiliated Dental Hygiene Practice

18. The Hourglass Model - A Framework to Behavioral Support Services

23. The Write Way - Sharing the Story of Early Childhood Effectively

25. Working Together to Prevent Child Maltreatment

30. Reach for the STARS Exemplary - Practices for FTF Grantees

31. Building a Comprehensive Development and Behavioral System of Care for Children 0-5

41. Overview of the Quality First Scholarship Program

42. When Arizona Reads, Arizona Thrives - New Tools and Resources to Improve Early Literacy Outcomes from Read On Arizona

44. It Takes a Community - High School Graduation for Teens with Children

49. Community Resource Guides - Create a Network of Support, Build Relationships and Strengthen Families

51. All the Little Centers on J-Bird Street Love to Write and Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

55. Who, Me, a Leader

57. Building Capacity to Lead Collaborative Work - Engaging Partners to Address Disparate Outcomes

58. Engaging Families to Support Socio-Emotional Development and Learning Readiness

60. Promoting Resiliency in Young Children

63. How Toddlers Thrive - Play and Development as a Lifelong Foundation

68. Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

70. Creating an Intentional Environment

71. Community Service Coordination

73. The Common Core in Tribal Communities

75. Reflective Supervision is an Essential Component in a System of Care

76. Connecting the Community Through Public-Private Partnerships - Modeling Collective Action in Arizona